Lee más sobre la obra del Maestro Jesús Lara Sotelo

Dibujo Pintura Paisaje

Enconamiento de la ansiedad. Dibujo

The understanding of your emotional state and the desire to alleviate it lead to a spiritual posture that accommodates suffering. Hence the contained claims, controlled impulses, restraint in excesses and emotional collisions. Along this line, “Festering Anxiety” stands out as a piece that complements the self-referential treatment from the same discursive line. The titles seem to be the riddles that decipher the central message. Reinforcing the text from easy-to-read codes, they exist closely related to the inner universe of the artist.
In a certain way, Lara seeks a personal emancipation, from the greatest expansiveness to the most paradoxical introversion. The latter, which link she connects with a pictorial ease, is the voice that leads us directly to what she has to tell us…

Title Obertura
Technique Mixed on cardboard
Year 2003
Dimensions 100 cm x 100 cm
Series Dibujos 2003-2004
Availability Available as NFTS. Original not available. Private Collection