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Dibujo Pintura Paisaje

Obertura. Dibujo

Apart from temptation and relapse, color is the star of the new changes and twists that glimpse the thought of Jesús Lara. But, I don’t think I perceive it as the reason on which a colorful line rests that makes the artist a prisoner of folklore or of the epidermal tropicalism that prowls the canvases on the Island. There is no exoticism, there is no bulge. Lara gives the pieces the compactness of what is fair, what is measured, although signs of turbulence appear where there is no shortage of explosiveness and torment.

Title Obertura
Technique Mixed on cardboard
Year 2003
Dimensions 100 cm x 100 cm
Series Dibujos 2003-2004
Availability Available as NFTS. Original not available. Private Collection