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Dibujo Pintura Paisaje

Regazo. Dibujo

The understanding of your emotional state and the desire to alleviate it lead to a spiritual posture that accommodates suffering. Hence the contained claims, controlled impulses, restraint in excesses and emotional collisions. Along this line, “Festering Anxiety” stands out as a piece that complements the self-referential treatment from the same discursive line. The titles seem to be the riddles that decipher the central message. Reinforcing the text from easy-to-read codes, they exist closely related to the inner universe of the artist.
In a certain way, Lara seeks a personal emancipation, from the greatest expansiveness to the most paradoxical introversion. The latter, which link she connects with a pictorial ease, is the voice that leads us directly to what she has to tell us…

Title Regazo
Technique Mixed on cardboard
Year 2003
Dimensions 100 cm x 80 cm
Series Dibujos 2003-2004
Availability Original not available. Private Collection