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Dibujo Pintura Paisaje

Edificación del espíritu. Dibujo

The reappearance of the drawing in 2003 presents numerous changes in the form but remains unchanged at the content level. Painting, drawing and aphorisms remained underlying lines until these dates and indicated the link with the true multidisciplinary spirit that characterizes the creator. Furthermore, the return to drawing in the treatment of abstraction represents a return to the past, an awareness of its fissures, and a legitimate attempt not to forget it. It is the spatio-temporal link that influences the present, that challenges it but does not determine it. It is the years 2003-2004 that arrive as an open range of opportunities to redo creation. And although Lara ventures into poetry, painting, sculpture, drawing is the one chosen to establish this metonymic bond.

Title Edificación del espíritu
Technique Chalk and charcoal on canvas
Year 2003
Dimensions 150 cm x 200 cm
Series Dibujos 2003-2004
Availability Available as NFTS. Original not available. Private Collection