Lee más sobre la obra del Maestro Jesús Lara Sotelo

Dibujo Retratos Pintura


In the decade of the 90s, Lara Sotelo undertakes a vast production of drawing, making up one of the most prolific stages of her work. In the series of Anatomical Studies dating from these dates, we can see a platform of references and aptitudes that speak more of academic rigor than of formal experimentation. However, the art of drawing consists of basic capacities that, although they are reinforced through a process of knowledge and learning, these do not necessarily determine the artist’s mastery. As the basis of all plastic creation, it makes it possible to specify the appearance of the forms in a generally exploratory analysis that requires observation and meticulous skill.



Title Figure
Technique Pastel on cardboard
Year 1991
Dimensions 100 cm x 80 cm
Series Dibujos 1991-1998
Availability Available as NFTS. Original not available. Private Collection