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Dibujo Pintura Paisaje

Autocompasión. Dibujo

The chromatic range appears, now, as a symbolic universe that engages the art-life correspondence. As for the form, it could allude to a reformulation of the drawings made in 1991, based on the brittle line and the intense line that points to violent distortions and exasperated twists. In both, the figures denote pain and a contained martyrdom that does not rest on their expression but on the meaning they hide. But, for this stage, Lara already gives us clues to his language: an art that changes with life, with routine, with experience. An art that does not stop and that shows us the entrails just as its author does. A piece like Autocompasion reveals these premises.ng, sculpture, drawing is the one chosen to establish this metonymic bond.

Title Autocompasión
Technique Mixed on cardboard
Year 2003
Dimensions 100 cm x 100 cm
Series Dibujos 2003-2004
Availability Available as NFTS. Original not available. Private Collection